Barrington Studios Limited

Submitting Art for Review

If you are an artist or agency interested in submitting art for our review, we prefer to receive it on either compact disk in low resolution or in the form of color copies. (Disks and color copies will not be returned.) Upon receipt of your work, we will carefully review your designs and contact you with feedback. When selecting art to send, please choose a variety of your work for samples. Since we sell nearly every season and occasion, we are looking for diversity, including unique characters, styles, as well as both traditional and trend-forward looks.

Also, please send a list of any products on which your artwork has been produced and what company for whom the work was done; i.e., greeting cards – ABC Greetings

Please send all artwork to the following address:

You may also submit artwork via e-mail.

Please send artwork as jpeg files to the following e-mail address:

If your art is selected

At that point we would draft either a License Agreement, Limited Rights Agreement, or Full-Copyright Agreement depending on our negotiations.

Review schedule deadlines